Formwork Pillars - FORTEKO PILLARS

The Forteko vertical formwork system allows the formworking of pillars or foundations without using any extra components.
The versatile usage of Forteko panels fosters high system profitability and boosts productivity at the works’ site.
Forteko pillars formwork allows rapid concreting with a fresh concrete load capacity of 90 KN/m². When connecting panels a variable alignment latch is used to allow compensation joint adjustment.

The assembly of the Forteko formwork according to the shape of mill blades allows the formation of pillars with variable 5 cm pitches until attaining 120 cm.
Safety in concreting at a height is ensured by the pre-assembled platform which is transported by crane for placement at the top of the pillar. The formwork surface allows perfect concrete finish quality to be obtained.

Forteko pillar formworking is a system produced with high quality standards and it deploys state-of-the-art technology to ensure great system longevity. The compatibility of the Forteko vertical formwork system allows different configurations and it increases the usage level of the system components, making it highly versatile and profitable.