Formwork Pillars - PILCO PILLARS

The implementation of the circular formworking pillars from standard galvanised steel components is quite straightforward with Pilco Round Pillars.
Metalusa project engineers developed the system in such a way as to allow the incorporation of other metallic elements by means of simple, rapid connections to carry out complex engineering works.

Hence, circular formwork assembly using non-circular, highly complex geometries is carried out with simplicity and economically.
Rometa pillars formwork is prepared to withstand concrete pressure loads of 150 KN/m².


Simple and Safe

Pilco Round Pillars allow high productivity to be achieved at the works’ site as they are endowed with a crane lifting system as well as an easy-to-use closing system.



Pilares Redondos_1


Pilco Round Pillars are made of highly resistant galvanised steel, lending them greater durability and performance at the works’ site.



Pilares Redondos_3

Pilco Round Pillars are highly versatile owing to their compatibility with the Forteko vertical formwork system.
In this way it is possible to carry out finishes on semi-circular walls.